Om 3D Telugu Movie : News and review July19th

Starred by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Om 3D is the latest movie directed by Sunil Reddy. The movie Om has already created sensation in tollywood as the first action 3D film in India. The movie is co-starred by Nikesha Patel and Kriti Kharbanda. 

The film was made with utmost care and by leading Hollywood technicians like David Taylor, who worked for Avatar and Final Destination 5, and Ian Markus, known for films such as The Amazing Spiderman.

NKR is having lot of hopes on this movie and let this friday shower the box office and bring good days for him.

The movie was released on July 19th 2013.

The movie of OM 3D is being watched by the leading hero Junior NTR. Fans. The crowd is overwhelming here and the movie is expected to be the top class.

Movie Review:

Being the first action 3D movie, it will be loved by lots of Indian fans.Especially the last 20 minutes of the movie is Visual treat. Climax tends to be the highlight of all time.

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