Brahmanandam Fire Dialogue in Baadshah

Comedy Centrepole, Brahmanandam has come back with an amazing spoof in Baadshah Movie. The movie introduces hasyakiriti brahmanandam as Police Officer Padmanabha Simha. 
During an interview with media, Brahmi states
"Don't fire the fire. If you fire the fire.. fire fires you. I am fire, I am the fire."
It is also stated in another way " Becoz when fire fires the fire. Fire will be fired. I am the fire. i will be fire"
That was a funny remake of Balakrishna's most popular punch dialogue. Balayya has got amazing response with this dialogue.
In the scene Balayya states
"Don't trouble the trouble. If you trouble the trouble trouble troubles you. I am not the trouble, I am the truth." 

But the remake from brahmi has attracted more audience than the original dialogue from Balakrishna. Srini vaitla has used brahmanadham to the maximum.

Watch the Fire ful dialogue of Brahmi

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