Action 3D Telugu Movie Review June 2013

Movie Review 'Action 3D' Telugu 2013

Release Date : June 21, 2013.
Star Cast : Allari Naresh, Sneha Ullal, Sudeep
Director : Anil Sunkara
Producer : Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Music : Bappi & Bappa Lahiri

Story :

The film starts off with Posani Krishna Murali and Sunil. Posani is a film director and Sunil is the hero. This is a story that Sunil narrates to Posani.Bava (Allari Naresh), Ajay (Kick Shyam), Shiva (Vaibhav) and Purush (Raju Sundaram) are thick friends. They grow up together and share everything in life. While Bava is an easy going person, Ajay and Shiva are seen as more mature and responsible people. Purush is a comical flirt. Ajay is all set to marry his sweetheart Shruthi (Sheena), so the four friends decide to celebrate the last few days of Ajay’s bachelorhood in Goa.While travelling to the beach paradise, Bava comes across Geetha (Neelam) and instantly falls for her. He starts trying to woo her but is not too successful. Once they reach Goa, the four friends decid to get drunk and have fun. They wake up with a heavy Hangover and all hell breaks loose when they discover that a member is missing from their gang.As the wedding date approaches, they desperately search for the missing guy. Will they succeed in their efforts? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :
  • The film has really good 3D effects. There are a number of scenes where viewers will experience high quality 3D sequences and the entire team must be appreciated for having the courage and the conviction to attempt this film.
  • Allari Naresh is really good in the lead role. He has tried his best to make the comedy work. Kick Shyam and Vaibhav are ok. Raju Sundaram brings a few laughs with his antics and punches. Sudeep is brilliant in a cameo appearance. Sneha Ullal has come up with a very glamorous performance in the film. Neelam Upadhyay is neat and effective.
  • Brahmanamdam is ok as Magnet Mama. M.S.Narayana entertains with spoofs on Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan and Siddharth. Master Bharath has done a decent job.
  • Songs have been shot well. ‘Ding Dong Bell’ and ‘Swathy Muthyapu Jallulalo’ have excellent visuals.
Minus Points :
  • The film keeps losing pace at times, especially during the forest episodes and the climax sequences. Some scenes should have been edited out to improve the overall experience.
  • Some of the comedy sequences appear a little outdated and cliched.
  • Technical Aspects :
  • The film’s cinematographer and stereographer need to be appreciated for doing a very fine job with the visuals. Editing could have been a lot better. Sunny’s background score is decent. Dialogues are ok in places but they are not too impressive.
  • Director Anil Sunkara has done a good job with the visuals and he has taken care of the technical aspects in a proficient manner. But the screenplay and scene development could have been better. Production values are rich.
Final Word: Watch it for impressive 3D effects, Allari Naresh, Raju Sundaram and Sneha Ullal

Rating: 3/5

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