Shortcut Romeo Movie Review June 2013

Shortcut Romeo - Best shortcut to waste your money
Shortcut Romeo is a romantic thriller by Susi Ganesh. Starred by Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel and Puja Gupta the movie was released on June 21st 2013. Music of the movie was given by Himesh Reshammiya and lyrics support was extended by Sameer, Shabbir Ahmed and Sanjay Masoom.

Story Line:
There was a boy (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who is good for nothing. He does nothing all day and daily upsets his mother with his ways. So his mother sends him to her brother's house. One day while walking on the terrace he observed a man teaching golf to a woman (Ameesha Patel) through his binoculars, he sees a man teaching golf to a woman.  As he observed closely, he witnesses them getting 'dirty'. Next day, he goes closer to the golf course and shoots them. Then the story of blackmailing begins. It is known that the man who is teaching golf to Ameesha Patel is her husband's best friend. Husband is too busy earning money, so friend takes charge of bored wife.

Hero does not want money, but wants to die rich. So whenever he needs cash, he dials Ameesha. He has three friends, and they all decide to take a jaunt abroad to Kenya. Ameesha will pay, of course

There he meets a millionaire's daughter, Puja Gupta. She is always with a bodyguard. He falls in love with her and buys her expensive gifts. Ameesha and boyfriend meanwhile are worried. Her husband, however, does not mind her splurging over Rs 5 crore on Neil. No questions asked.

In Kenya, however, things turn bad for Neil. Then Puja is kidnapped. He learns that it is Ameesha who has done this. He wants his love back while she wants the tape back. Meanwhile, husband senses some trouble and sets out a detective at work. In between all this there are plenty of songs.

Thats the story. It looked crap to me and i wondered why i stayed all long to watch the entire movie. Shortcut romeo is a sort cut to waste ones money.

Overall Rating of the Movie - 1.2/5

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