Super Moon - A special insight

Super Moon - A delicious treat for eyes
A moon seen over Chile.

What's a Super Moon? Yes we shall make you clear what a super moon is. As the moon revolves around the earth in elliptical orbit, there is a time when it comes closer to the earth. this happens every year. However the proximity of the moon coming closer to the earth also varies from year to year. This is just because of the gravitational pull forces of the other bodies on our system.

For year 2013,

On June 23, the moon will be at its closest distance to Earth for 2013 while in its full phase. As a result, it will appear 8 percent larger and 17 percent brighter than usual—an event widely known as a supermoon.

At its closest, the full moon clocked in at a distance of 221,824 miles (356,991 kilometers) from Earth. That's a bit closer than the typical distance of 226,179 miles (364,000 kilometers). 

In March 2011, the supermoon made its closest approach to Earth in 18 years. 


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