Alias Janaki Movie News and Updates

Alias Janaki Movie is latest telugu movie slated to be released on July 26th 2013. Being a low budget movie, the film Alias janaki has not got all the required publicity.

The movie is cast by Venkat Rahul and Anisha Ambrose. The music of the movie has been release during the second week of June and has got very good response.

The movie Aliaas Janaki is produced by Neelima Tirumalasetty and Directed by Dayaa K.
Alias Janaki Review
The crew members have a lot of expectations from the film. It is tagged 'A genuinely good film'. It is claimed to be honest attempt by the entire team of Sanghamitra Arts to make a 'Good' film that touches the inner conscience of every person in society today. 
Being a low budget film, the Movie Alias Janaki is suffering from lack of distributors and thereby theatres

The Movie is released on July 26th. As part of effort to bring Indian movies into living rooms, the movie Alias Janaki will be released online at on coming Friday (26 July - Same day as it releases across the world).

Let us all the best for Alias Janaki Movie Team.

Alias Janaki Music has become very cachy and there has been some good response for it. 

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