Discussion with Sampoornesh babu

Sampoornesh babu has agreed for a discussion with media yesterday (29.07.2013). He has not only flattered the media over there but also made them his fans then and there

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Sampoo: I am very happy to meet you my friends

Media: Are you happy with the number of Likes and Shares you are getting in social media?

Sampoornesh Babu: Absolutely! I am delighted with the way my thobuttuvulu are loving me. I am baanisa to thier love.

Media: Janaalu mee comment la ki like lu.. post la ki share lu pettochu, but 50 rupees kuda kharchu pettaru... cinema ki

Sampoo: (Navvuthu)... Valaki naku madhya anubhandham viluva 50 rupees ey ayithey... valani kharchu cheyyodhu ani chepthaanu.
Naa fans naaku devullichina thobuttuvulu.. Nenu sadhaa vala prema ki baanisa ni

Thats the disco. Sampornesh babu looks in great touch. Lets see how much he rocks the screens.

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