Interview with Sonam Kapoor July 2013

Sonam Kapoor doesnt believe in love

What is your take on love and do you believe in love at first sight?
No, I dont beleive in love at first sight but love is an amazing experience. It makes the world go round. Let me make it clear right now, I am not interested in men (makes a long pause) in Mumbai, because they are all stupid (laughs).

A lot of girls feel that you have the perfect life -- you're beautiful, talented and fashionable. How do you see yourself?

I don't know what girls have to say about me but I know I am happy in my space. I don't think I am beautiful nor do I think I am talented.
Yes, I am fashionable but it's just about being myself. I love what I am doing and would like to explore a lot of things in life.

Have the pressures of stardom ever got to you?
I don't think I am a star. At least in Mumbai, there is no stardom as there are bigger stars walking around in front of me every day. 
Interview with Sonam Kapoor

What is your biggest insecurity?

My only insecurity is that I am an extremely confident person. I always speak my mind and don't care what people think about it.
I don't make safe choices and do some crazy films. I am not in the rat race and don't want to be in it, as I am very happy in my own space.
I think every actress is better than me. I am self-critical and I compete with myself. I am ambitious to be a better actor and a better person and not to step on other people's toes.

Do you keep a tab on your contemporaries?
I read all the gossip about everyone, I read all the newspapers. I like to know what is going on in the industry. I am active on Twitter and you get all the news on it.

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