Singam (Yamudu 2) Movie Review

Sinagm (Yamudu 2) is released on July 5th 2013. It is cast by Suriya, Anushka, hansika, etc. The movie was directed by Hari.

The movie is a sequel to the previous movie Yamudu in telugu.

The movie begins with yamudu scenes showcasing Suriya's past and why he was sent to Kakinada. He comes with a mission to crack illegal weapon business running in the coastal area of Kakinada but soon realises that its not just Weapon business that is running over there but a Drug Mafia is set up. He works as a NCC Master in a private school where Hansika studies as an Intermediate 2nd Yr student. She falls for Suriya's Heroism and wants him to love her. She happens to be the niece of Thyagaraj (Rahman) who is a big businessman in Kakinada.

Bhai comes in as Thyagraj's enemy and he is heading the Drug Mafia. Surya comes across a situation where he has to take up charge before he completes his investigation. The whole Drug Mafia is run by Dannie. Suriya accidentally arrests Dannie without realising his identity which leads Dannie to develop grudge against Suriya. 

Why did he arrest Dannie? How has he put a check to Drug Mafia forms rest of the Story
singam telugu movie  

Movie Positives:
Undoubtedly its all SURIYA'S one man show. He carries of the role with ease.The emotion in his face makes you stick to your seats and watch the movie.

Anushka is super helpful with her Glamour but nothing to do with the story. Hansika though is a Second Heroine has played a very crucial role which lead to the emotional climax.

Logics used in the movie are very good. Santhanam is gud wid some superb one liners especially the dialogue "Vayasulo undaga figaru.. Vayasu ayipoyaka Sugar tappavu" is one such example

Parents of Suriya and Anushka have done their jobs effectively. The Second Half is completely plus for the movie with gud content n emotion. The Story picks up rapid pace after Suriya takes charge as an officer. Some fights were shot well and climax chase was gud

Negatives :
Disappointment for anushka fans as she is only used for songs and her acting capabilty is not fully utilised. BGM during some scenes is irritating. Songs and locations are not upto the mark. First 45 min is very slow with some unnecessary dragged and loud scenes. The movie suffers with excessive Tamil nativity. Dubbing n RR could have been much Better.

The movie goes one sided-ly through out.Their is no elevation of Villains in any of the Scenes

Final Verdict:
Singam (yamudu-2) misses to touch the margin set by Yamudu. Hari's trademark direction may work well with Tamil Audience but it tough to connect with A Centre AP audience.

If you like Yamudu you would feel Singam as an average movie or else watch it without an expectation.

Rating: 3.2/5 

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