The Conjuring: Movie Review

Well, today I am talking about the movie 'The Conjuring', It can be rated as the Summers scariest movie. The movie has received an R rating, although there's no sex, foul language, guns or any violence. Patrick Wilson the star of the movie expected to get PG-13 but the rating board said the movie was too terrifying and they could not help it.

The director of the movie is James Wan, who is famous for his Saw and Insidious flicks. He said "I made Saw to get people's attention, but I didn't realize how successful it would be. I wanted to show that I could make a scary movie that doesn't rely on the shock factor of blood and guts."

Coming to the movie reviews, Rotten Tomatoes has given 84% which is a very positive sign


Ed and Lorraine are paranormal investigators.  They move into an investigation case of an old farm house, where some dark stuff presence was suspected.
As they try to confront the powerful dark entity, the find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their own lives.

The movie moves on well, with very high technical values. The plot and the screenplay seems to be very promising.

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