Threat SMS to West Bengal Minister

Transport minister of West Bengal, Madan Mitra has received a threat SMS from Maoist. It is believed that the SMS is sent in respsonse to the decision of the minister to form anti-terror committees to thwart the left-wing extremists.

The SMS read as "Ak Madaner madote Trinamool birodhi jekono bektike Maobadi bole Chinhhito korte Gestapo bahini toiri hochhe, Sesher she din Voyangkar (We are setting up a Gestapo brigade against identification of any anti-Trinamool person as Maoist under the insistence of some Madan.
Last days are terrifying)," 

"I received this SMS last night. Already lodged a complaint with the police and informed this to the city police commissioner. I am not afraid of such a threat. The decision taken by me will remain unchanged. Those behind this SMS are cowards. If courageous, they should come forward," Mitra said. 

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