Alias Janaki Movie Review Telugu 2013

Alias Janaki Movie is latest telugu movie released on July 26th 2013. Being a low budget movie, the film Alias janaki has not got all the required publicity.

Alias Janaki ReviewJanaki Ram (Rahul Venkat) is employee of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. He falls in love with a cute girl Chaitra (Anisha). On the parallel, villian Maisa tries to grab local lands of Lalnagar by all means. Janaki Ram tries to oppose villian Maisa to protect the lands but ironically the whole system gets corrupted and tries to repel him. Rest is all about how Janaki Ram teaches a lesson to Maisa and the corrupt officials supporting him.

Overall Performance
Rahul Venkat, the new boy in Tollywood from Mega family (Nephew of Mega family) does not look really like a hero. His looks, dialogue delivery and expressions were not upto the mark. On the other hand Anisha Ambrose is cute but have very little to perform. The director just for the sake of saying says they are lovers but there is no chemistry at all.

Alias Janaki is not upto the expectations and mostly has got nothing to watch. The picturisation as well as the utilisation of the resources is no way close.

Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5 


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