Blackberry 10 In the Market : Review

Blackberry 10 is in the market and is moving fast.
BlackBerry 10 has been on a roll. After introducing two flagship devices, it has hit the market with Q5, a new device that borrows design cues heavily from its elder sibling, Q10. It sports a monocoque design, a radical departure for BlackBerry, with an inclusive battery (another first from BlackBerry) while giving us the same QWERTY form factor that we have come to rely on with the guts of snappy 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor. Although made entirely out of plastic, with none of the famed glass weave pattern of its elder sibling, it does not feel "sticky"; instead offers a good grip. 
The test device runs OS 10.1 which is a momentous shift from its predecessor; represents various under the hood tweaks and improvements in various functional aspects of the device. The pixel density of 3.1 inch LCD screen is similar to that of Q10. The author found no difficulty in reading the text in direct sunlight; although the jury is still out in terms of colour vibrancy of LCD compared to AMOLED. As with other iterations, the entire operation of device is gesture based. Peek and flow are slowly becoming the lexicons of smartphone world and Hub works as a central repository of text, email, BlackBerry Messenger and social networks. The author's device supported 4G out of the box but this feature is likely to be present for select markets. 

The keyboard reminds the author of his old trusted Curve when his love affair with the device turned into an obsession. They keys are individually placed which have a little spring like feel to it. They are also individually angled or ferreted like Q10 but each row stands out apart minus the smooth metal line finish. The author's muscle memory literally jogged over the device while shooting off wall of text or email. It is not as smooth as Q10, unarguably the pinnacle of keyboard design, but is not a deal breaker. 

Setting up the device was painless and ever reliable, Fruux as a back up cloud solution, was back in action. Mail set up, contacts and device personalisation was all done in less than 20 minutes. You can also use the desktop solution, Blackberry Link, for device migration. The back camera is 5 MP while the front facing camera (2 MP) that allows BBM video chat and each shoots in 1080p and 720p HD mode respectively. Unlike Q10, there is no HDMI support. The author noticed no lag accessing various applications.
Keyboard shortcuts, active frames, file manager and BlackBerry Messenger Video with Screen Sharing are standard features that are part of author's productive workflow. The 2180 mAh battery can easily last a day on full charge even with extensive multitasking. Webkit based browser, like its siblings, is superlative with its unique Reader mode that strips out the advertisements formatting the webpage optimised for viewing on the screen. Internal storage of 8 GB can be easily extended upto 64 GB by the SD card inserted in the side slot. Volume rocker keys are on the same side as in Q10 and the power button nestles with standard 3.5 mm output jack. 

The author has come to rely on this trusted device as part of his busy work schedule. The prime reason why this author supports BlackBerry whole heartedly is because of twin concerns of privacy and security. BlackBerry is the only device which gives a fine tuned granular control over installed applications. This device has never been jailbroken or rooted since its entire boot is encrypted. BlackBerry is known for it's unparalleled security making it the first choice for those whose concerns of data security are paramount. With Q5, BlackBerry is expected to address the "mid range" budget market;
although these descriptions of affordability are arbitrary. 

The proof of pudding is in eating it. This author strongly backs the idea of user experience instead of having a purchase decision based on hardware specifications alone. QNX has proven its robustness; app selection is slowly improving although the lack of applications is not a deal breaker for this author. WhatsApp and Skype continue to disappoint; they are seriously retarded applications; an evil necessity and total battery drains. This author fervently hopes that BlackBerry Messenger is deployed on competing platforms so that these lousy applications can be deleted. 

Theauthor's memory fails to recall the last usage of Skype since BBM video and Chat exceeds expectations. Q5 is likely to appeal to enterprises more. It's an affordable device for companies that scoop up thousands while BlackBerry Enterprise makes it a breeze to deploy with complete end-to-end security of data for mobile workforce. With other vibrant colours, it has reached out to the youth market as well. Look no further for a robust device that addresses your needs better than anything else on the planet. 

Source: Indian Express 

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