Sense of Emergency at Fukushima nuclear plant

Fukushima Nuclear power plant has been in lime light again today as traces of steam has been spotted near a pool storing machinery removed from a crippled reactor.

The traces were observed around the fifth floor of the Reactor 3 building. In March 2011, the roof of the building was blown off in a hydrogen explosion"

However the the spokesman was confident and said "The steam was drifting thinly in the air and it's not like a big column of steam is spurting up. Neither the temperature of the reactor nor readings at radiation monitoring posts have gone up."
"We do not believe an emergency situation is breaking out although we are still investigating what caused this."
The incident is the latest in a growing catalogue of mishaps at Fukushima that have cast doubt on TEPCO's ability to fix the world's worst atomic disaster in a generation.

A series of leaks of water contaminated with radiation have shaken confidence, as did a blackout caused by a rat that left cooling pools without power for more than a day.

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