Delhi Approves Special Telanga State

Finally Its done. Good News for telangana guys. Government meeting in Delhi approves Telangana. Today, 26th July 2013, in New Delhi, the Congress party has held up a special meeting. Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Kiran kumar reddy and other top ministers were urgently called for the meeting this morning.

The meeting was led by the congress party president Sonia gandhi and prime minister. There was lot of debate and discussion in the Congress war-room in Delhi.

The meeting discussions mainly had their focus on whether to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh to create a new state of Telangana. Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said that a decision is "now awaited" from the government. 

But the updates are as follows
  • After this evening's meeting of the Congress's senior most leaders including Sonia Gandhi and the PM, sources say that decision has been taken to create a new state.
  • As a compromise, the Centre is reportedly in favour of making Hyderabad a shared capital between the new and old state for the next five or 10 years. Hyderabad being the state capital. Leaders of the other two regions say they cannot afford to lose the employment and investment opportunities invested in the city.
  • The government's decision may be announced before Parliament meets for the monsoon session on August 5.
  • Seemandhra Ministers are against the decision and are resigning to their positions. They want the state to be together
  • Will the decision be reverted? Stay tuned for updates
Source: NDTV

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