Yevadu Movie Preview Telugu 2013

Yevadu (Evadu) is latest romantic thriller from Ram charan. It is directed by Vamsi and is starred by Shruthi Hassan, Amy Jackson. It has also got several guest appearances of Allu arjun, kajal agarwal.

The Movie Yevadu is up for release on July 31st 2013. The director has already confirmed tha same. The movie is planned to release across entire Andhra pradesh and abroad.
Evadu Audio Songs 2013
Movie Story:
The Movie starts with Allu Arjun as honest police. He has a girl friend Kajal Agarwal. Being a cop, All arjun has several rivals and one group tried to kill Allu Arjun. Unfortunately the kill Kajal. Allu Arjun also gets hurt and gets admitted in hospital fighting for his life.

On the other hand Ram Charan meets with a big car accident and gets admitted in the same hospital. Upon examination of Ram charans brain, the doctors comes up with a situation in which they need to carry out an urgent brain transplantation. Doctors decide to replace Allu Arjun’s brain to Ram Charan because his neural system was still active.

After successful operation Ram Charan begins to act like Allu Arjun and takes revenges on the villain's group that is responsible for Kajal's death. Ram charan behaves like two persons. Thats the story. Everone suspects Yevadu yevadu... 

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