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Moto X phone has become a sensation in the news these days. For the guys who wants to know whats so great of this phone just read on..

Special features include 'Always-on mic' and 'twist-to-launch camera'.

The video, which was produced by Canadian network operator Rogers, shows that even when the phone is locked and in standby mode, that it is responsive to the owner's voice commands. 

Like a well-trained dog, all he or she needs is a special phrase or trigger word. In the video the trigger phrase is "OK Google Now", which initiates the handset's proactive data and search functions. 

Capturing pictures on the fly is also easy with the phone: holding the handset and twisting the wrist launches the camera, and touching the device anywhere on the screen will take a photo. Holding a finger on the screen will trigger a burst of photos.

Other notable information in the video includes its release date -- available in Canada in black or white in August -- and a redefined notifications system which uses icons displayed on the lock screen so that a user can see whether the latest alert is because of a Tweet, text message or missed phone call.

The video, which appeared on YouTube over the weekend has since been pulled, however, not before tech site Engadget managed to make its own copy and embed it on its site. While the action appears to confirm the legitimacy of the video, the content in the clip contains no mention of user customization, something that Motorola and Google have both been at great pains to highlight as one of the phone's killer features.

This suggests that a ‘stock' version of the phone will launch first, followed by a more personalized version later in the year. According to Ad Age, the marketing push behind the Moto X phone could be one of the biggest in smartphone history. The marketing publication claims that $500 million has been earmarked to advertise the device over the coming months.

Lets see when it is being launched.

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