Yahoo gives a chance for Inactive Email Id users

Hurry up guys! Yahoo has given a second chance for all the inactive email id users to regain access to their ids. We all know that Yahoo has deactivated the mail accounts of all the guys who haven't used them since one year. Yahoo Inc. says a substantial number of old email IDs are being made available, but isn't providing specifics. All the deactivated accounts haven't been used in at least a year.

The opportunity to request the identifications began Monday and will extend through Aug. 7. Up to five different names can be submitted at .

After August 7th Yahoo shall grant the recylced email addresses to the people who register newly. However there is a lot of concern going around because many people use their email accounts as logins at a different password-protected websites, including Facebook, Twitter and

Yahoo says it has taken a series of security measures to minimize the chances of any mischief. Among other things, Yahoo says emails are now being bounced back from the inactive email accounts. The company says it has also developed a system that will help other websites identify email addresses that have been transferred to new accountholders after the recycling is completed.

Source: Hindustan Times

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